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Muito prazer!

I am so honored to have you here. 

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about my photography and me!



My name is Thainá, a Brazilian little bird that flapped her wings for love and landed in The Netherlands. Since very young I found myself passionate about anything related to arts.
Raised by 2 sisters, one of them is a seamstress and the other one used to be an actress. For this reason we used to have many movies at home and she introduced me to this world at a very early stage.  Cinema was my first passion. My first imaginary bridge who could take me from my small town to a whole new world of wonders and new feelings. Both my mothers have strong influences on my taste for arts.


my first door


My passion for arts guided me to architecture. I graduated as an Architect and the lessons it taught definitely shaped who I am today. I learned more about arts, aesthetics, about seeing beyond the first glance and about expressing my ideas. Architecture taught me to see poetry in chaos. I dedicated 10 years of my life to it and I would do it all over again.

Amsterdam houses Damrak street

my new home


I moved to The Netherlands in 2019 for love and here I had to learn how to reinvent myself. I had to refine so many things, but especially, I had to find a new version of myself for my new reality. I am still getting used to my new country. Migrating is a challenging step, but most of the times we can bloom whatever we are.

Amsterdam canals in winter
Amour Fotografie photographer

my passion


I've been always in love with photography. You know that friend who is always the photographer of the group? That was me. During University I bought my first camera and subscribed to a course to learn how to use it. Little did I know that many years later what once was my hobby would become my profession. It happened naturally.

Many things inspire me. Sometimes it is the sunset, sometimes it is the city and its movements and, very often is the cuteness of my two cats and most of the time it is the simplicity of life in its various phases.


Photography has brought me so many special moments and stories. So many rich experiences. People from different backgrounds and cultures. Many of my clients have become my dear friends. I love photography because of the relationships I have been able to form with people. People who love and see the importance of capturing it and preserving these memories. People who appreciate art and understand that they are art just by being themselves.

Creating for others and building community is my passion.

I would love to connect!

Couple in Elswout Overveen